Unilateral bronchopneumonia and its other types may develop based on one or more causes.

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Depending on the etiology of the disease, in medical practice certain types of pathology are determined.

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Each form and severity of clomipramine pneumonia has its own characteristic symptoms. But in medical practice, a typical symptom complex of bronchopneumonia is distinguished.

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It is impossible to establish an accurate diagnosis on the basis of symptoms alone. To differentiate the pathology and determine its type, additional laboratory and hardware examination is necessary.

Bronchial pneumonia in pediatrics is designated as a dangerous pathology. According to medical statistics, more than 1 million children die from this disease every year. With its development in the child's body, electrolyte-metabolic abnormalities occur and the work of all body systems is disrupted.

It most often develops in young children under the age of three. Usually this is a secondary disease that appears as a complication of bronchitis, and is accompanied by the release of purulent sputum. Depending on the causes of development, the form of bronchopneumonia in young patients is determined.

Symptoms of clomipramine pills appear after a three-day inpatient treatment or three days after discharge.

The nature of the occurrence of bronchopneumonia in children is explained by the presence of lung tissue, which is not fully developed. Therefore, when a child inhales, cool, uncleaned air enters the lungs, which provokes infection. And in a fragile child's body, the disease progresses rapidly. The factors that provoke the occurrence of the disease include the following.

Symptoms of the disease are similar to those of the disease in adults, but are supplemented by anxiety, tearfulness and diarrhea. When treating pathology, it is important to take into account the age of the patient and the etiology of the lung disease. Treatment is carried out in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

Pulmonary diseases affect not only the respiratory organs, but also have a negative impact on the work of all body systems. Untimely or incorrect treatment of bronchopneumonia can lead not only to chronic bronchitis. Against the background of the disease, the following consequences may develop. Most often, bronchial inflammation of the lungs is accompanied by complications in the form of pleurisy and empyema. Very rarely, the appearance of pneumothorax leads to death. The main groups of complications of bronchopneumonia.